Kilpin Parish Council Policies & Procedures

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The Parish Council is continuing to update its schedule of Policies and Procedures and new versions will appear here whe approved by Councillors.   

Thank you for your patience. 

Standing Orders For the Parish Council /_UserFiles/Files/desktop/Standing_Orders_for_Kilpin_Parish_Council_Update_ 2024.pdf 

Code of Conduct for the Parish Council /_UserFiles/Files/Code_of_Conduct_for_Kilpin_PC_Reviewed_2024.pdf 

Conflict of Interest Policy for the Parish Council /_UserFiles/Files/Conflict_of_Interest_Policy_Kilpin_Parish_Council .pdf  

Financial Regulations for the Parish Council /_UserFiles/Files/Financial_Regs_ for_ Kilpin_Parish_Council.pdf 

Equalities Policy for the Parish Council /_UserFiles/Files/Equality_Policy_for_Kilpin_Parish_Council.pdf 

 Data Protection Policy for the Parish Council /_UserFiles/Files/Data_Protection_Policy_for_Kilpin_PC.pdf

Social Media Policy for the Parish Council /_UserFiles/Files/Social_Media_Policy_Kilpin_Parish_Council.pdf 



 Our Accessibility Statement with regard to our website can be found here /_UserFiles/Files/Accessibility statement for Kilpin Parish Council.pdf